SCA School of Defence

Get involved and learn new and interesting ways to kill your friends!

Capstone School of Defence is a Melbourne based Group which is actively involved in the promotion, learning and teaching of medieval swordplay and other weapon forms of that time. Capstone's focus is on learning the art and science of medieval combat systems and the development of sound technique.

Capstone School of Defence is part of the SCA's Royal Guild of Defence and its members support each other's development and the merits of the Guild of Defence. For further information on the Guild of Defence please refer to:-

Everyone is welcome, so come along to one of our sessions to find out what we are about. Minors (under 18yrs of age) will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. For further information pls contact Jason on the email address below.

Training: Thursday Evening 8:00pm - 10 ish

Please Note: The night can occaisonally need to change due to prior engagements at the venue, please check the google calendar on the sessions page to confirm.

Location: Fairhills High SChool, Main Gym, Scoresby Rd, Knoxfield

Cost: $5 Per Night

Contact: everardsefar(at)solarflarecreations(dot)com(dot)au


New Members Welcome!!